Blue Juice (1995)

90 min.
Plot  JC seems to have it all figured out. By day he runs a surf school, at night he lies down next to his beautiful girlfriend Chloe, his lifelong dream is to travel the world surfing. However, when old mates arrive from London unannounced it releases tensions which have long been simmering under the surface of JC and Chloe's seemingly perfect relationship. Chole decides to buy the local surfer cafe and settle down, His friends, especially drug-dealer Dean are intent on causing mischief and sucking JC back into surfing a dangerous reef, which he had attempted before, seriously injuring his back.It turns out that Dean had a job as a journalist, and setting up JC was to get a story.As a requirement for keeping his job, he had to get a big story, preferably with a life or death situation involved. JC refuses to surf the 'boneyard' which prompts Dean to try it himself as he had already arranged media coverage, and his boss had decided to watch. Dean fails to surf the reef, hitting his head when...  



Ewan McGregor
Dean Raymond
Steven Mackintosh
Josh Tambini
Peter Gunn
Terry Colcott


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Blue Juice
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