The Hunter (1980)

97 min.
Plot  There's a lot going on in the life of bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson, who has apprehended more than 5,000 criminals and bail jumpers.

At home in Los Angeles, Thorson is an old-fashioned guy who has a love of antiques and classical music, drives a 1950s convertible and keeps an antique gasoline pump in his house. His schoolteacher girlfriend Dotty is pregnant and would like "Papa" to be there for her when the baby is born, but his work continually keeps him on the road.

Thorson chases down fugitives in Illinois, Nebraska and Texas, as he himself is pursued by Rocco Mason, a psychotic killer who was one of Thorson's former convicts and who also threatens and pursues Dotty as well. He brings back the fugitive Tommy Price but vouches for him, Tommy eventually becoming one of the many acquaintances who hang out at Papa's house.

Bail bondsman Blumenthal sends him out after a dangerous punk whose kinfolk include Sheriff Strong, a lawman who warns Thorson not to...



Steve McQueen
Ralph 'Papa' Thorson
Eli Wallach
Ritchie Blumenthal
LeVar Burton
Tommy Price
Ben Johnson
Sheriff Strong
Richard Venture
Police Captain Spota
Tracey Walter
Rocco Mason
Teddy Wilson
Winston Blue
Bobby Bass
Matthew Branch
Frank Delfino
Poker Player


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The Hunter
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