Solitary Man (2009)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

90 min.
Plot  The film opens with 54 year-old Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas), an attractive and very successful car dealer in the New York area, at his annual medical check-up; his doctor tells him he needs a CAT scan to get a better look at his heart, due to an 'irregularity' in his EKG.

About six years later, Ben's fortunes have drastically changed. He is taking oral medications but never got the prescribed heart tests, and his lost sense of 'immortality' has sent him on a self-destructive binge: habitual lying, sexual affairs, divorce, and bad business decisions that nearly put him in prison. He is broke, borrowing money from his daughter Susan (Jenna Fischer), and still unwilling to accept his age, ignoring his heart problem, and has a serial sexual appetite.

Ben, who cheated often on his wife Nancy Kalmen (Susan Sarandon), accompanies Allyson (Imogen Poots), the 18-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, Jordan Karsch (Mary-Louise Parker), to her college interview at a Boston colle...



Michael Douglas
Ben Kalmen
Imogen Poots
Richard Schiff
Steve Heller
Douglas McGrath
Dean Edward Giletson
Bruce Altman
Dr. Steinberg
Gillian Jacobs
Tall Girl
Olivia Thirlby
Maureen (uncredited)
Lenny Venito
The Todd The Building Manager


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Solitary Man
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