Kelly's Heroes (1970)

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146 min.
Plot  The film opens during a thunderstorm in early September 1944 in World War II France; as units of the 35th Infantry Division are nearing the town of Nancy one of the division's mechanized reconnaissance platoons receives orders to hold their position whilst under counterattack from the Germans; the out-numbered platoon are also on the receiving end of mortar fire from their own side…

Private Kelly (Eastwood) and another soldier have captured Colonel Dankhopf of German Intelligence. Interrogating his prisoner, Kelly notices the officer is carrying several gold bars in his briefcase. Curious, he gets the Colonel drunk to try to get information about the gold. The drunken Dankhopf blurts out that there is a cache of 14,000 gold bars stored in a bank vault 30 miles behind enemy lines in the town of Clermont. In the subsequent withdrawal as German Tiger tanks overrun their position, Dankhopf is shot and killed by the attacking Germans.

Kelly spends the next day assessing h...



Clint Eastwood
Private Kelly
Telly Savalas
Master Sergeant "Big Joe"
Don Rickles
Staff Sergeant "Crapgame"
Carroll O'Connor
Major General Colt
Donald Sutherland
Sergeant "Oddball"
Gavin MacLeod
Stuart Margolin
Private "Little Joe"
Jeff Morris
Private first class "Cowboy
Richard Davalos
Private Gutowski
Perry Lopez
Private "Pachuco" Petuko
Tom Troupe
Corporal Job
Harry Dean Stanton
Private Willard .
Len Lesser
Staff Sergeant Bellamy of the 42nd Engineers Bridging Unit.
David Hurst
Oberst Dankhopf
George Savalas
First Sergeant Mulligan
Karl-Otto Alberty
Waffen-SS Tiger tank no. 115 commander .
Ross Elliott
Colonel Booker


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