Mission to Mars (2000)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

113 min.
Plot  In 2020, the ''Mars I'' spacecraft, ''en route'' to planet Mars, is commanded by Luke Graham with fellow astronauts Nicholas Willis, Sergei Kirov, and Renée Coté. Upon arrival, the team discovers a crystalline formation in the Cydonia region, by which they suspect an extrusion from a subsurface geothermal column of water, useful to future human colonization. After reporting this to the World Space Station, they hear a strange sound on their communications system, which they assume to be interference from their planetary rover. While they scan the formation with radar, a large vortex kills Nicholas, Sergei, and Renée.

After the vortex subsides, a large humanoid face is exposed in the adjacent mountain. ISS, having receiving Luke's message, a second ship is readied for a rescue mission: the ''Mars II'' containing Commander Woody Blake, Co-Commander Jim McConnell, and mission specialists Terri Fisher and Phil Ohlmyer. As the ship enters Mars orbit, micrometeors breach the hull. D...



Gary Sinise
Jim McConnell
Tim Robbins
Woody Blake
Don Cheadle
Luke Graham
Connie Nielsen
Terri Fisher
Jerry O'Connell
Phil Ohlmyer
Kim Delaney
Maggie McConnell
Peter Outerbridge
Sergei Kirov
Kavan Smith
Nicholas Willis
Jill Teed
Renée Coté
Elise Neal
Debra Graham


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Mission to Mars
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