Carlito's Way (1993)

7.5 / Rated by 3 people

144 min.
Plot  In 1975, after serving 5 years of a 30-year prison sentence, Carlito Brigante is freed on a legal technicality exploited by his lawyer, Dave Kleinfeld. Upon release from prison, Carlito decides to return to his old neighborhood of Spanish Harlem. While in the neighborhood, he reconnects with old associates. Carlito vows to be through with crime but is persuaded to accompany his cousin Guajiro to a drug deal at a bar. Guajiro is betrayed and killed and Carlito is forced to shoot his way out. He takes Guajiro's money and uses it to buy into a nightclub, with the intent of saving $75,000 to retire to the Caribbean.

Carlito declines a business partnership with an ambitious young gangster from the Bronx named Benny Blanco. Carlito also rekindles his romance with former girlfriend Gail, a ballet dancer who moonlights as a stripper. An old friend, Lalin, recently released from prison and now confined to a wheelchair, comes to see Carlito, but is caught wearing a wire. Carlito realiz...



Al Pacino
Carlito Brigante
Sean Penn
David Kleinfeld
John Leguizamo
Benny Blanco
Luis Guzmán
Ingrid Rogers
James Rebhorn
District Attorney Bill Norwalk
Joseph Siravo
Vincent "Vinnie" Taglialucci
Adrian Pasdar
Frank "Frankie" Taglialucci
John Ortiz
Al Israel
Ángel Salazar
Orlando Urdaneta
A bartender
Rick Aviles


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Carlito's Way
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