Assassination of a High School President (2008)

93 min.
Plot  Bobby Funke (Reece Thompson) is a less than popular high school sophomore with a dream to get into Northwestern University's summer journalism program. Although Bobby claims he's a great writer, he's never finished an article for St. Donovan's School Newspaper. The editor-in-chief Clara, (Melonie Diaz), assigns Bobby to do an article on Paul Moore, the student body president. Bobby attempts to get an interview, but is unable to get a story out of Paul and is bullied by Paul's friends. Paul is the star of the basketball team and on a game night, Paul takes a fall and injures his knee. The next morning Principal Kirkpatrick (Bruce Willis) discovers the SATs have been stolen from a safe in his office. Kirkpatrick rounds up his "usual suspects" of high school misfits along with Bobby to question them. The group is innocent but Kirkpatrick warns them all to watch their step.

When senior Francesca Facchini (Mischa Barton) solicits Bobby's help tracking down the set of stolen SATs,  



Reece Thompson
Bobby Funke
Mischa Barton
Francesca Fachini
Bruce Willis
Principal Jared T. Kirkpatrick
Robin Lord Taylor
Alex Schneider
Luke Grimes
Marlon Piazza
Zach Roerig
Matt Mullen
Kathryn Morris
Nurse Platt
Michael Zegen
Stephen Lohman
Melonie Diaz
Clara Díaz
Zoë Kravitz
Josh Pais
Señor Newell
Marc John Jefferies
Elliott Duncan
John Magaro
Jake Weary
Hall Monitor
Vincent Piazza
Ricky Delacruz
Emily Meade
Tiffany Ashwood


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Assassination of a High School President
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