Black Widow (1987)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

102 min.
Plot  The story centers on two women. Catherine (Theresa Russell) is a psychopathic ''femme fatale'' whose true name is never known. She preys on wealthy middle-aged men, seducing them into marriage and then fatally poisoning them. Each death is misdiagnosed as ''Ondine's curse'', a condition by which seemingly healthy middle-aged men die in their sleep. Justice Department agent Alexandra "Alex" Barnes (Debra Winger) stumbles onto the first murder while investigating another case. As Alex delves further into the case, she uncovers a pattern which she believes ties the same woman to several similar murders.

Using exhaustive research and preparation as well as identity and appearance changes, Catherine weaves her web anew with each murder, killing a publishing magnate, a toy maker (Dennis Hopper), and a museum curator (Nicol Williamson), and is quickly moving on to her next victim: Paul Nuytten (Sami Frey), an international hotel tycoon. Later, she reveals she has been mar...



Debra Winger
Alexandra Barnes/Jessie Bates
Theresa Russell
Catherine Petersen/Renee Walker/Margaret McCrory/Marielle Dumers
Sami Frey
Paul Nuytten
Dennis Hopper
Ben Dumers
Nicol Williamson
William McCrory
Terry O'Quinn
Alexandra's boss Bruce
James Hong
H Shin - Honolulu private investigator
Leo Rossi
Seattle Police Detective Ricci
Mary Woronov
Danny Kamekona
The unnamed Honolulu Police detective


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Black Widow
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