Five Easy Pieces (1970)

96 min.
Plot  Bobby Dupea (Jack Nicholson) works in a California oil field (shot in and around the city of Taft in the San Joaquin Valley) with his friend Elton (Billy "Green" Bush), who has a wife and baby son. Most of Bobby's time is spent with his waitress girlfriend, Rayette (Karen Black), who has dreams of singing country music, or in the company of Elton, with whom he bowls, gets drunk, and has sex with other women. Bobby has evidently not told Elton that he is a former classical pianist who comes from an eccentric family of musicians.

When Rayette becomes pregnant and Elton is arrested for having robbed a gas station a year earlier, Bobby quits his job and leaves for Los Angeles where his sister, Partita (Lois Smith), also a pianist, is making a recording. Partita informs him that their father, from whom Bobby is estranged, has suffered two strokes. She urges Bobby to return to the family home in Washington state, to visit their father.

As Rayette has threatened to kill hers...



Jack Nicholson
Robert Eroica Dupea
Karen Black
Rayette Dipesto
Susan Anspach
Catherine Van Oost
Lois Smith
Partita Dupea
Ralph Waite
Carl Fidelio Dupea
Irene Dailey
Samia Glavia
Toni Basil
Terry Grouse
Helena Kallianiotes
Palm Apodaca
William Challee
Nicholas Dupea
John Ryan
Sally Ann Struthers
Shirley "Betty"
Lorna Thayer
Richard Stahl
Recording Engineer


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Five Easy Pieces
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