Skin Deep (1989)

97 min.
Plot  Zachary "Zach" Hutton is a successful author who has a weakness for alcohol and beautiful women. Zach's mistress walks in on him in the process of cheating on her with his attractive hairdresser, followed by his estranged wife Alex discovering him in bed with both women. Following the breakup of those relationships, Zach engages in a long period of binge-drinking and solace-seeking with a string of women. He avoids work, continues to strain relations with his ex-wife and drunkenly attends a formal party dressed in a genie's costume.

Zach's affairs include one with a volatile woman named Molly who deliberately leaves him hooked up too long to a skin-treatment electro-therapy machine that gives his body quivering spasms from head to toe. He also has a one-night stand with a remarkably muscular female bodybuilder named Lonnie, telling her before sex that he feels "like Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Perhaps the most memorable scene is shot in total darkness, with Zach wear...



John Ritter
Zachary "Zach" Hutton
Vincent Gardenia
Barney the Barkeeper
Alyson Reed
Alexandra "Alex" Hutton
Joel Brooks
Jake Fedderman
Chelsea Field
Amy McKenna
Peter Donat
Leon "Sparky" Sparks
Don Gordon
Curt Ames
Nina Foch
Denise Crosby
Angela "Angie" Smith
Michael Kidd
Dr. Westford
Dee Dee Rescher
Bernice Fedderman
Raye Hollitt
Lonnie Jones


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Skin Deep
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