Victor Victoria (1982)

132 min.
Plot  Set in 1934 Paris, the film opens with Richard di Nardo, a young hustler, emerging from the bed of gay middle-aged Carroll Todd (Robert Preston), a.k.a. Toddy; Richard dresses, takes money from Toddy's wallet and leaves Toddy's apartment. Going about his day, Toddy, a performer at Chez Lui in Paris, sees Labisse, the club owner, auditioning a frail, impoverished soprano, Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews). After the audition, Labisse drily writes her off, and she responds by sustaining a pitch to shatter his wine glass using resonant frequency. That night, Richard comes to Chez Lui as part of a straight foursome and Toddy incites a brawl by insulting Richard and the women in his group. Labisse fires Toddy and bans him from the club. Walking home, he spots Victoria dining at a restaurant, and she invites him to join her. As neither of them can pay for the meal, she dumps a cockroach in her salad to avoid paying their check, but it escapes and the whole place breaks out in havoc.

The ...



Julie Andrews
Victoria Grant/Count Victor Grazinski
James Garner
King Marchand
Robert Preston
Carroll "Toddy" Todd
Lesley Ann Warren
Norma Cassidy
Alex Karras
"Squash" Bernstein
John Rhys-Davies
Andre Cassell
Graham Stark
The Waiter
Peter Arne
Michael Robbins
Manager of Victoria's hotel
Maria Charles
Madame President
Glen Murphy
Geoffrey Beevers
Police Inspector
Norman Alden
Man in Hotel with Shoes (uncredited)
Jay Benedict
Guy Longois


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Victor Victoria
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