Kinsey (2004)

118 min.
Plot  Professor Alfred Kinsey is being interviewed about his sexual history. Interspersed with the interview, are flashbacks from his childhood and young-adulthood. The young child years show his father, a lay minister, denouncing modern inventions as leading to sexual sin, then humiliating him in a store when its keeper shows him cigarettes, while his adolescence shows his experiences as a Boy Scout and a late teenage scene shows Kinsey disappointing his father by his chosen vocational intentions. It then shows adult Kinsey teaching at Indiana University as a professor of biology lecturing on gall wasps. Kinsey falls in love with a student in his class, whom he calls Mac, and marries her. Consummation of their marriage is difficult at first, because of a medical problem Mac has that is fixed easily with minor surgery, after which it is shown that she has an equally intense sexual appetite as her husband. Meanwhile, at the University, Professor Kinsey, who is affectionately called "Prok" by ...  



Liam Neeson
Alfred Kinsey
Benjamin Walker
19-year-old Alfred
Will Denton
10-year-old Alfred
Laura Linney
Clara McMillen
Peter Sarsgaard
Clyde Martin
Chris O'Donnell
Wardell Pomeroy
Timothy Hutton
Paul Gebhard
John Lithgow
Alfred Seguine Kinsey
Tim Curry
Thurman Rice
Oliver Platt
Herman Wells
Dylan Baker
Alan Gregg
William Sadler
Kenneth Braun
John McMartin
Huntington Hartford
Lynn Redgrave
Final interview subject
Julianne Nicholson
Alice Martin
Kathleen Chalfant
Barbara Merkle
Heather Goldenhersh
Martha Pomeroy
David Harbour
Robert Kinsey
Luke MacFarlane
Bruce Kinsey


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