In the Electric Mist (2009)

6.5 / Rated by 1 people

117 min.
Plot  Iberia Parish's Sheriff Detective Dave Robicheaux (Tommy Lee Jones) is investigating the murder of a young woman and has a chance encounter with a pair of Hollywood stars, Elrod Sykes (Peter Sarsgaard) and his girlfriend Kelly Drummond (Kelly Macdonald). They are in the small town to make a Civil War film.

Due to Elrod's erratic driving, Dave determines that the actor is driving drunk and decides to arrest him. Objecting to being sent to jail, Elrod tells Dave of a decayed corpse that he and Kelly had found in the swamp.

Dave goes to investigate while remembering a murder he had witnessed as a teenager where a chained prisoner was shot in the swamp and disappeared into the bog. The discovery is soon tied to several murders in that area that had occurred recently, mostly to young runaways and prostitutes. The clues seem to point to Julie "Baby Feet" Balboni (John Goodman), whose ties with the mafia had caused Dave and him to drift apart and become enemies.

Balboni d...



Tommy Lee Jones
Dave Robicheaux
John Goodman
Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni
Peter Sarsgaard
Elrod Sykes
Kelly Macdonald
Kelly Drummond
Mary Steenburgen
Bootsie Robicheaux
Justina Machado
Rosie Gomez
Ned Beatty
Twinky LeMoyne
James Gammon
Ben Hebert
Levon Helm
Gen. John Bell Hood
Bernard Hocke
Murphy Doucet
Buddy Guy
Sam “Hogman” Patin


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In the Electric Mist
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