The Last Emperor (1987)

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163 min.
Plot  The film opens in 1950, with Puyi's arrival at the Fushun Prison in the recently established People's Republic of China as a political prisoner and war criminal, having been captured by the Red Army when the Soviet Union entered the Pacific War in 1945, having been in their custody for the previous five years. Soon after his arrival, Puyi attempts suicide, which only renders him unconscious. In a flashback, apparently triggered as a dream, Puyi relives his being summoned to the Forbidden City in 1908, aged two, by the dying Empress Dowager Cixi (Lisa Lu). With her last words, at an audience with Puyi and his father, Cixi announces that Puyi will be the new emperor. After his coronation, Puyi, frightened by his new surroundings repeatedly expresses his wish to go home, which is denied him. Despite having scores of eunuchs to wait on him, his only real friend is his wet nurse, who accompanied him and his father to the palace on Empress Dowager's summons.

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Joan Chen
Peter O'Toole
Reginald Johnston
Ying Ruocheng
Detention Centre Governor
Victor Wong
Chen Baochen
Dennis Dun
Big Li
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Amakasu Masahiko
Maggie Han
Eastern Jewel
Ric Young
Vivian Wu
Lisa Lu
Empress Dowager Cixi
Basil Pao


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The Last Emperor
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