Moulin Rouge! (2001)

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128 min.
Plot  In the year 1900, a depressed British writer named Christian begins writing on his typewriter ("''Nature Boy''"). One year earlier, Christian moved to the Montmartre district of Paris to become a writer among members of the area's Bohemian movement. He encounters performers led by Toulouse-Lautrec; his writing skills allow them to finish their proposed show, "Spectacular Spectacular", that they wish to sell to Harold Zidler, owner of the Moulin Rouge. The group arrives at the Moulin Rouge as Zidler and his "Diamond Dog Dancers" perform for the audience ("''Lady Marmalade/Zidler's Rap (Can Can)/Smells Like Teen Spirit''"). Toulouse arranges for Christian to see Satine, the star courtesan, in her private quarters to present the work, unaware that Zidler is promising Satine to the wealthy and unscrupulous Duke of Monroth, a potential investor in the cabaret ("''Sparkling Diamonds''" medley).

Satine mistakes Christian for the Duke, and dances with him before retiring to her privat...



Ewan McGregor
Jim Broadbent
Harold Zidler
Richard Roxburgh
The Duke of Monroth
John Leguizamo
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Jacek Koman
The Narcoleptic Argentinean
Caroline O'Connor
Nini Legs-in-the-Air
Garry McDonald
The Doctor
Keith Robinson
Le Pétomane
Natalie Mendoza
China Doll
Kiruna Stamell
La Petite Princesse
Deobia Oparei
Le Chocolat
Kylie Minogue
The Green Fairy
Ozzy Osbourne
The Green Fairy's laugh
Peter Whitford
The Stage Manager


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