Big Trouble (2002)

85 min.
Plot  In a high-school game of "Killer" (in which a student must shoot another with a squirt gun), Matt Arnold has to "kill" classmate Jenny Herk, and decides to sneak up on her at home. By coincidence, hitmen are also there to kill Arthur Herk, who has secretly embezzled money from his company, Penultra Corp. When the fake assassination attempt crosses paths with the real one, police officers Monica Romero and Walter Kramitz are called out to the resulting disturbance. During the chaos of the assassination attempts, Matt's friend, Andrew, called Eliot Arnold, Matt's father. Upon arriving to pick up Matt from the Herk's, Eliot immediately feels a mutual attraction to Anne Herk, Jenny's mother, as Matt and Jenny begin to feel attracted to each other as well. The Herk's housemaid, Nina, meanwhile, falls in love with a young homeless man named Puggy, who lives in a tree on their property, after she runs from the shootings and he saves her from the hitmen.

Realizing that he is the inten...



Tim Allen
Eliot Arnold
Rene Russo
Anna Herk
Stanley Tucci
Arthur Herk
Ben Foster
Matt Arnold
Zooey Deschanel
Jenny Herk
Janeane Garofalo
Officer Monica Romero
Patrick Warburton
Officer Walter Kramitz
Jason Lee
DJ Qualls
Andy Richter
Jack Pendick
Johnny Knoxville
Eddie Leadbetter


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Big Trouble
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United States




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