Men in Black (1997)

6.77 / Rated by 13 people

Science Fiction
98 min.
Plot  Men in Black (M.I.B.) is a secret non-government agency that polices and monitors extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The agency operates from an underground base at a Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority ventilation station in Battery Park, New York City. MIB members use neuralyzers to erase witnesses' memories of alien sightings. The MIB is monitoring about 1500 aliens around the world, most of them in the vicinity of New York City.

One night, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and his partner, Agent D (Richard Hamilton) intercept a truck containing illegal immigrants and Mikey, an extraterrestrial disguised as a human. Mikey starts to run and K is forced to kill it when it tries to attack a border patrol officer. D, realizing that he is too old, asks K to neuralyze him into "retirement." Later, the MIB leader Zed (Rip Torn) suggests that K search for a new partner.

Meanwhile, James Edwards (Will Smith) is a New York Police Department officer pursuing a crime suspect on fo...



Tommy Lee Jones
Kevin Brown / Agent K
Will Smith
James Darrell Edwards III / Agent J
Linda Fiorentino
Laurel Weaver / Agent L
Vincent D'Onofrio
Edgar the Bug
Rip Torn
Agent Zed
Tony Shalhoub
Jack Jeebs
Mike Nussbaum
Gentle Rosenberg
Jon Gries
Van Driver
Carel Struycken
Fredric Lehne
Immigration and Naturalization Service Agent Janus
Kent Faulcon
1st Lieutenant Jake Jensen
Patrick Breen
Mr. Redgick
Becky Ann Baker
Mrs. Redgick
Sean Whalen
Intergalactic Passport Officer
David Cross
Newton the Morgue Attendant
Tim Blaney
Frank the Pug (voice only)


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