Murder by Numbers (2002)

7.5 / Rated by 1 people

120 min.
Plot  Richard Haywood, a wealthy and popular high-schooler, secretly teams up with another rich kid in his class, brilliant nerd Justin "Bonaparte" Pendleton. His erudition, especially in forensic matters, allows them to plan elaborately perfect murders as a perverse form of entertainment. Meeting in a deserted resort, they drink absinthe, smoke, and joke around, but pretend to have an adversarial relationship while at school. Justin, in particular, behaves strangely, writing a paper about how crime is freedom and vice versa, and creating a composite photograph of himself and Richard.

The young men kill a woman and set up Richard's marijuana supplier, janitor Ray Feathers, as a psychotic serial killer. They then incinerate all evidence. The case is assigned to Detective Cassie Mayweather and her new partner, Sam Kennedy, who just transferred from the vice squad. They work together well, and begin a romantic relationship very early on in their partnership. Footprints found at th...



Sandra Bullock
Det. Cassie Mayweather
Ben Chaplin
Det. Sam Kennedy
Ryan Gosling
Richard Haywood
Michael Pitt
Justin Pendleton
Agnes Bruckner
Lisa Mills
Chris Penn
Ray Feathers
R. D. Call
Capt. Rod Cody
Tom Verica
A.D.A. Al Swanson


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Murder by Numbers
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McBilek reviewed Murder by Numbers (2002) / 30.01.2016


McBilek rated Murder by Numbers (2002) with 7.5 stars / 30.01.2016

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