The Out of Towners (1970)

98 min.
Plot  The plot revolves around Gwen and George Kellerman, whose company has invited him to interview for a possible job promotion in New York City. From the moment they depart their home town of Twin Oaks, Ohio, the couple suffers nearly every indignity out-of-towners possibly could experience. Heavy fog forces their flight to circle around Kennedy Intl. Airport repeatedly and finally to be rerouted to Boston's Logan Airport, where they discover their luggage - in which George's ulcer medication and Gwen's extra cash are packed - was left behind. Just missing the train at South Station, they chase it to the next stop by cab, board it and wait two hours for seats in the dining car, only to discover the only food left is peanut butter sandwiches, green olives, and crackers. Upon arrival at Grand Central Terminal in New York, they discover that mass transit, taxicab drivers, and sanitation workers all are on strike. Making their way to the Waldorf-Astoria on foot past tons of garbage in a tor...  



Jack Lemmon
George Kellerman
Sandy Dennis
Gwen Kellerman
Sandy Baron
Lenny Moyers
Anne Meara
Woman in Police Station
Robert Nichols
Man in Airplane
Ann Prentiss
1st Stewardess
Ron Carey
Barney Polacek
Philip Bruns
Officer Meyers
Graham Jarvis
Carlos Montalbán
Cuban Diplomat
Johnny Brown
Waiter on Train
Dolph Sweet
Police Sergeant
Thalmus Rasulala
Police Officer
Jon Korkes
Robert Walden
Richard Libertini
Baggage Man in Boston
Paul Dooley
Hotel Clerk - Day
Anthony Holland
Desk Clerk - Night
Billy Dee Williams
Clifford Robinson


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The Out of Towners
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