Red Planet (2000)

6.83 / Rated by 3 people

106 min.
Plot  In 2056 AD, Earth is in ecologic crisis as a consequence of pollution and overpopulation. Automated interplanetary missions have been seeding Mars with atmosphere-producing algae as the first stage of terraforming the planet. When the oxygen quantity produced by the algae is inexplicably reduced, the crew of ''Mars-1'' investigate; a crew consisting of Quinn Burchenal (Tom Sizemore), an agnostic geneticist, Bud Chantillas (Terence Stamp), an aging philosophical scientist and surgeon, systems engineer Robby Gallagher (Val Kilmer), commander Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss), pilot Ted Santen (Benjamin Bratt), and terraforming scientist Chip Pettengill (Simon Baker).

When ''Mars 1'' is damaged in arrival, Bowman remains aboard for repair while the others land to locate an automated habitat established earlier to manufacture food and oxygen. During insertion, the team's landing craft is damaged and crash-lands off-course. In the aftermath, "AMEE" (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and ...



Val Kilmer
Robby Gallagher
Carrie-Anne Moss
Cmdr. Kate Bowman
Tom Sizemore
Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Benjamin Bratt
Lt. Ted Santen
Simon Baker
Chip Pettengill
Terence Stamp
Dr. Bud Chantilas
Neil Ross
Space Suit (voice only) (uncredited)


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Red Planet
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McBilek rated Red Planet (2000) with 6.5 stars / 29.09.2015

Bultan rated Red Planet (2000) with 8.0 stars / 17.03.2015

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