Open House (2010)

88 min.
Plot  The film begins as real estate agent Carl (Gabriel Olds) hosts an open house. As Carl finishes with the last couple viewing the house, a man arrives and watches Carl briefly before hiding in the basement. Carl checks the basement but does not see anyone. Alice (Rachel Blanchard) returns home after a run. Carl reveals that it has been tough to interest buyers in the house.

That night, Alice has some friends over for dinner, including Jennie (Anna Paquin). Alice confides in Jennie that her ex-husband Josh (Stephen Moyer) thinks she is being over-emotional by selling their house. Alice falls asleep and wakes up in the middle of the night. She notices that Jennie's car is in the driveway. So, Alice looks for Jennie in the house, only to find her corpse in the garage with her throat slashed. As she screams, someone emerges from a crawlspace behind Alice and grabs her.

The next day, Lila (Tricia Helfer) arrives at the house and is greeted by David (Brian Geraghty), who has chai...



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Open House
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