The Night of the Generals (1967)

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145 min.
Plot  The murder of a prostitute in German-occupied Warsaw in 1942 causes Abwehr Major Grau (Omar Sharif) to start an investigation, as she was also a German agent. His evidence soon points to the killer being one of three German general officers: General von Seydlitz-Gabler (Charles Gray); General Kahlenberg (Donald Pleasence), his chief of staff; and General Tanz (Peter O'Toole). Grau's investigation, however, is cut short by his summary transfer to Paris at the instigation of these officers.

Many years after the war, the murder of a prostitute in Hamburg in 1965 draws the attention of Interpol Inspector Morand (Philippe Noiret), who owes a debt of gratitude to Grau for not revealing his connection to the French Resistance during the war. Almost certain there is a connection to Grau's 1942 case, Morand reopens the cold case and the movie begins to shift between the Europe of the 1960s and the Europe of the 1940s.

The case in Warsaw remains closed until all three officers...



Peter O'Toole
General Tanz
Omar Sharif
Major Grau
Tom Courtenay
Lance Corporal Hartmann
Donald Pleasence
General Kahlenberge
Joanna Pettet
Ulrike von Seydlitz-Gabler
Philippe Noiret
Inspector Morand
Charles Gray
General von Seydlitz-Gabler
Coral Browne
Eleonore von Seydlitz-Gabler
John Gregson
Colonel Sandauer
Nigel Stock
Sergeant Otto Köpke
Christopher Plummer
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Juliette Gréco
Gordon Jackson
Captain Engel
Patrick Allen
Colonel Mannheim
Harry Andrews
General Karl-Heinrich von Stülpnagel


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