A Star Is Born (2018)

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135 min.
Plot  Jackson Maine, a famous country singer privately battling an alcohol and drug addiction, plays a concert in California. His main support is Bobby, his manager and significantly older half-brother. After the show, Jackson happens upon a drag bar where he witnesses a performance by Ally, a waitress and singer-songwriter. Jackson is amazed by her talent; they spend the night speaking to each other, where Ally discloses to him the troubles she has faced in pursuing a professional music career.

Jackson invites Ally to his next show. Despite her initial refusal she attends and, with Jackson's encouragement, sings on stage with him. Jackson invites Ally to go on tour with him, and they slowly begin to form a romantic relationship. One night, they begin to initiate sex, but Jackson passes out drunk. In Arizona, Ally and Jackson visit the ranch where Jackson grew up and where his father is buried, only to discover that Bobby sold the land. Angered at his betrayal, Jackson punches Bobby, ...



Bradley Cooper
Jackson Maine
Lady Gaga
Ally Campana
Sam Elliott
Bobby Maine
Dave Chappelle
George "Noodles" Stone
Andrew Dice Clay
Lorenzo Campana
Rafi Gavron
Rez Gavron


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A Star Is Born
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