Sunshine (1973) / TV

Plot  Young pregnant divorcee Kate (Cristina Raines) falls in love with struggling musician Sam Hayden (Cliff DeYoung), and they become a couple, eventually getting married. A few months into Kate and Sam's relationship, Kate gives birth to a daughter they name Jill. Although Jill's biological father is Kate's former husband, Sam loves Jill and regards her as his own child.

Shortly after Jill is born, Kate gets the shocking news that she has osteosarcoma, a form of cancer that affects the bone marrow. Kate has two options to treat her cancer: she can either have her leg amputated and hope the cancer does not spread, or undergo chemotherapy. Unwilling to lose her leg, Kate initially has chemotherapy which makes her very ill and unable to function in her daily life or look after Jill. Kate then decides to forego treatment entirely and concentrate on being a wife to Sam and a mother to Jill in the short time she has left, since not treating the cancer will hasten her death.

Kate a...



Cristina Raines
Kate Hayden
Cliff De Young
Sam Hayden
Brenda Vaccaro
Dr. Carol Gillman
Bill Mumy
James Hong
Dr. Wilde


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