It (2017)

8.0 / Rated by 4 people

135 min.
Plot  The film opens in 1988 with William "Bill" Denbrough and his six year old brother Georgie making a sailboat out of a sheet of paper from Bill's notebook. Georgie takes the boat out onto the flooded street and sails it down the gutter. Georgie accidently hits his head on a street barge, causing him to fall and allowing the boat to sail away into a storm drain. As Georgie is peering into the drain, he is met by a clown who introduces himself as "Pennywise the Dancing Clown". Pennywise claims that the storm blew him into the sewers and invites Georgie to take a balloon and smell the circus. Georgie attempts to leave, but is offered his boat by Pennywise who entices him to reach into the storm drain. Georgie reaches in and Pennywise transforms, his eyes turning yellow and large fangs growing from his mouth. Pennywise seizes Georgie's left arm and bites into it, tearing it off. Georgie breaks free and pulls away from the storm drain with his arm now missing. Bleeding heavily, Georgie cries ...  



Jaeden Lieberher
Bill Denbrough
Bill Skarsgård
It / Pennywise The Dancing Clown / Bob Gray
Jeremy Ray Taylor
Ben Hanscom
Sophia Lillis
Beverly Marsh
Finn Wolfhard
Richie Tozier
Wyatt Oleff
Stanley Uris
Chosen Jacobs
Mike Hanlon
Jack Dylan Grazer
Eddie Kaspbrak
Nicholas Hamilton
Henry Bowers


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