Hidden Figures (2016)

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127 min.
Plot  In 1961, mathematician Katherine Goble works as a "computer" in the segregated West Area Computers division of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, alongside her colleagues, aspiring engineer Mary Jackson and her unofficial supervisor Dorothy Vaughan.

Following a successful Russian satellite launch, pressure to send American astronauts into space increases. White supervisor Mrs Vivian Mitchell assigns Katherine to assist the Space Task Group of Al Harrison due to her skills in analytic geometry. She becomes the first colored woman in the team—and in the building, which has no bathrooms for colored people.

Katherine's new colleagues are initially dismissive and demeaning, especially head engineer Paul Stafford. Meanwhile, Dorothy's request to be officially promoted to supervisor is rejected by Mrs Mitchell. Mary identifies a flaw in the experimental space capsule's heat shields, encouraging her to pursue an engineering degree more assertively.

At a ba...



Taraji P. Henson
Katherine Goble Johnson
Octavia Spencer
Dorothy Vaughan
Janelle Monáe
Mary Jackson
Kevin Costner
Al Harrison
Kirsten Dunst
Vivian Mitchell
Jim Parsons
Paul Stafford
Glen Powell
John Glenn
Mahershala Ali
Jim Johnson
Rhoda Griffis
White Librarian
Maria Howell
Ms. Summer
Aldis Hodge
Levi Jackson
Gary Weeks
Reporter at Press Conference
Aleksander Krupa
Karl Zielinski


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