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T2 Trainspotting (2017)

Plot  After twenty years of estrangement, Mark Renton returns home to Edinburgh from Amsterdam. His father (James Cosmo) lives alone since the death of Mark's mother. Spud Murphy struggles with his heroin addiction and its legacy. Simon continues to live a life of cons along with his girlfriend Veronika while working as landlord of a pub bequeathed to him by his aunt. Francis Begbie is serving a long prison sentence and has just been denied parole due to his violent temper. After seeing his father, Mark goes to see Spud at his flat, finding him in a desperate condition. Mark wants to help Spud out of his heroin addiction and to reconcile with Simon, who remains angry with Mark for betraying them (though according to Mark, Simon would have done the same).

Begbie purposefully hospitalises himself and subsequently escapes, taking advantage of the low security. He briefly reunites with his family and visits Simon. Simon feigns friendship with Renton as his ulterior motive, collaborating w...



Ewan McGregor
Mark "Rent Boy" Renton
Ewen Bremner
Daniel "Spud" Murphy
John Bell
20 year-old Spud
Jonny Lee Miller
Simon "Sick Boy" Williamson
Robert Carlyle
Francis "Franco" Begbie
Kevin McKidd
Tommy MacKenzie
Kelly Macdonald
Diane Coulston
Anjela Nedyalkova
Veronika Kovach
James Cosmo
Mr Renton
Shirley Henderson
Gail Houston
Irvine Welsh
Mikey Forrester


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T2 Trainspotting
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