Power Rangers (2017)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

Science Fiction
124 min.
Plot  The film opens with a battle between 7 Power Rangers and Lord Zedd. The Red Ranger manages to take an artifact from Lord Zedd while the other rangers hold him off. Just as the Red Ranger was about to hide the artifact into another dimension, the Green Ranger betrays the team and mortally wounds the Red Ranger and kills the White Ranger at the same time.

The other rangers manages to subdue the Green Ranger by stripping her connection from the morphing grid using the artifact now known as the Zeo Cystal. Lord Zedd uses his last remaining energy to obliterate the other rangers and sealing the barely alive Green Ranger into a pocket dimension. The Red Ranger, seeing no other choice, summons the power coins from his dead team mates to protect the Zeo Crystal from ever being touched by anything impure.

He then uses the remaining energy from the Power Coins to transfer his conciousness to the Power Ship and remain in suspended animation with his trusted aid, Alpha 5. The film th...



Dacre Montgomery
Jason Scott / Red Ranger
Naomi Scott
Kimberly Hart / Pink Ranger
RJ Cyler
Billy Cranston / Blue Ranger
Becky G
Trini / Yellow Ranger
Ludi Lin
Zack / Black Ranger
Bill Hader
Alpha 5 (voice only)
Elizabeth Banks
Rita Repulsa
David Denman
Sam Scott
Sarah Grey
Amanda Clark
Anjali Jay
Maddy Hart
Patrick Sabongui
Trini's father.
Erica Cerra
Trini's mother.
Fred Tatasciore
Goldar and the Putties (voice only)


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Power Rangers
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