Take My Eyes (2003)

109 min.
Plot  Pilar, a meek housewife living in Toledo, gathers a few belongings one night and flees her apartment with her seven-year-old son Juan. They find shelter with Pilar's sister, Ana, who is soon to marry her Scottish live-in boyfriend. Pilar's husband, Antonio, tries to make her change her mind, but she is tired and fearful of his abusive behavior. Determined to start a new life on her own, Pilar sends her sister to retrieve her belongings from the apartment she shared with her estranged husband. Once there, Ana discovers through medical bills that her sister has also been physically abused by Antonio. When he arrives, they have a confrontation.

Antonio still loves his wife, but he cannot control his short temper and violent outbursts. Trying to bring Pilar back, he joins an anger management group of married men who want to change their abusive behavior towards their wives. With her sister's encouragement, Pilar finds a job in the gift shop of a local tourist attraction, where Ana a...



All Titles

Te doy mis ojos
Spanish Original Title
Take My Eyes
English Title

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