When Night Is Falling (1995)

94 min.
Plot  Camille Baker (Pascale Bussières) is a university literature professor at a religious college in a long-term relationship with fellow professor Martin (Henry Czerny). When her dog runs away and she finds him dead on the street, she ends up crying in the middle of the laundry mat where she is approached by Petra (Rachael Crawford), who comforts her. Later on Camille realizes that her laundry was mixed up with Petra's and finds a business card inside the laundry bag. Going to return Petra's clothes she finds that Petra is a circus performer, and when she goes to Petra's trailer to retrieve her clothes Petra tells her that she would like to sleep with her. Confused and uncomfortable Camille grabs her clothes and leaves. Petra later tracks Camille down and shoots an arrow through her window with a picture of herself and her phone number attached. Camille invites Petra inside and ends up kissing her before running away.

Camille and Martin are being groomed to take over for the univer...




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When Night Is Falling
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