Salt and Fire (2016)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

98 min.
Plot  Three scientists (Dr. Laura Sommerfield, Dr. Fabio Cavani, and Dr. Arnold Meir) are sent to South America as part of a U.N. investigation into an ecological disaster of Salar de Uyuni. In the past, two rivers had been diverted for irrigation, but the effort failed, and the result was an ever growing toxic salt flat.

Upon landing, all three are kidnapped by the man who had become CEO (played by Michael Shannon) of the large international consortium held responsible for the ecological disaster. He seems both tormented by the disaster and uncertain of its significance in the larger scheme of things—for the nearby supervolcano, Uturunku, has begun to show a ground-lift in the areas around it, which may or may not be signs of an eruption in our time (if such a thing were to happen, and depending on the degree of the eruption, it could be a worldwide cataclysmic event).

The two male scientists are given food that induces extreme digestive distress to keep them out of the way. ...



Veronica Ferres
Dr. Laura Sommerfeld
Michael Shannon
Matt Riley
Gael García Bernal
Dr. Fabio Cavani
Volker Michalowski
Dr. Arnold Meier
Anita Briem
Flight Attendant
Werner Herzog
Man with one story


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Salt and Fire
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