As Above, So Below (2014)

93 min.
Plot  Scarlett Marlowe, a young alchemy scholar, continues her dead father's work searching for the philosopher's stone, a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals such as lead into gold or silver and grant eternal life, discovered by Nicolas Flamel. After finding the "Rose Key" in a cave in Iran which she narrowly escapes as it collapses, she travels to Paris, where she then enlists the help of George, her former lover whom she abandoned in Turkey while in pursuit of the stone. Along with Benji the cameraman, they translate Flamel's headstone, which contains a riddle that leads them to a point, 370 feet underneath the streets of Paris. She then enlists the help of a guide called Papillon, his girlfriend Souxie, and friend Zed to search the Catacombs beneath Paris, France, to locate the stone. George explicitly refuses to go, but is driven into the caves with the group when they are spotted by a policeman. After crawling through a narrow tunnel which collapses...  



Ben Feldman


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As Above, So Below
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