The Club (2015)

97 min.
Plot  Four retired Catholic priests share a secluded house in the outskirts of a small Chilean beach town, under a vigilant female caretaker who used to be a nun. The four men are there to discreetly purge their sins and crimes (child abuse, baby-snatching for adoptions, whistleblower...etc.). They are not permitted to mingle with the townsfolk and are only allowed to be out during early morning and late night. Their only hobby is breeding a race dog and entering into competitions. This changes for them when a new chileanese priest arrives and a victim of his child abuse follows him. This results in the priest committing suicide. Subsequently a new spiritual director arrives and their life and their routine is disrupted. Can he rehabilitate the priests or will he be overwhelmed by these inveterate servants of god who don't feel remorse or will he publicise their wrongdoing to the press and ruin his career in the Vatican?




Alfredo Castro
Padre Vidal
Antonia Zegers
Madre Mónica


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El Club
Spanish Original Title
The Club
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