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Captain Fantastic (2016)


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Plot  In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Ben Cash raises his six children off the grid by himself after his wife, Leslie, was hospitalized for bipolar disorder. Ben and Leslie became disillusioned with capitalism and American life and chose to instill into their children with survivalist skills and philosophy.

Ben, though a loving father, is also extremely strict with the children maintaining physical exercise and education by reading extensive texts ranging from foreign language to quantum mechanics. The children, except for teen son Rellian, are accepting of this lifestyle.

The children question Ben regarding their mother's return from hospital, but Ben is evasive. While Ben and eldest child Bodevan make a routine trip into town, Bodevan finds multiple college acceptance letters in the mail, but keeps this information private. Ben learns on a call to his sister Harper that Leslie committed suicide the previous night.

Ben breaks the news to his family, who react ...


Matt Ross


Matt Ross

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