The Wild Life (2016)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

90 min.
Plot  On a tiny isolated South Pacific Island, a Scarlet Macaw named Mak and his friends, including an echidna named Epi, a chameleon named Carmello, a tapir named Rosie, a kingfisher named Kiki, an old goat named Scrubby, and a pangolin named Pango live the perfect life: blue skies, beautiful turquoise water, and lots of delicious fruit and crunchy insects. But every day is the same and Mak is really bored. Convinced there is more than just water over the horizon, he dreams of leaving his little paradise and exploring the world. Meanwhile, an English man named Robinson Crusoe and his dog, Aynsley have booked passage on a ship in order to explore the islands. During a very violent tropical storm at night, the two are accidentally locked in the ship's hull along with a pair of embittered cats, Mal and May, while the crew escapes with their lives; leaving the latter behind. During the storm, Mak and his friends try to save Scrubby from falling to his death, which nearly goes bad, while trying ...  



Matthias Schweighöfer
Robinson Crusoe (voice only)


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The Wild Life
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Robinson Crusoe
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United States




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