Storks (2016)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

87 min.
Plot  For generations, the storks of Stork Mountain delivered babies to families around the world, until one stork named Jasper attempted to keep an infant girl for himself. Jasper accidentally destroyed the infant’s address beacon and went into exile. Unable to deliver the orphaned girl, the storks adopted her under the name Tulip. CEO stork Hunter discontinued baby delivery in favor of package delivery with 18 years later, Tulip, now a young adult, tries to promote new ideas for Cornerstore, which backfire and cause the company to lose stocks. Hunter assigns top delivery stork Junior to fire Tulip so he may be promoted to boss. Junior cannot bring himself to do so and instead transfers Tulip to the mail room.

Meanwhile, a young boy name Nate Gardner, who lives with his workaholic parents Henry and Sarah, is feeling lonely and wants a younger sibling. He sends a letter to Cornerstore and it reaches Tulip, who enters the defunct baby factory and inserts the letter int...



Andy Samberg
Junior (voice only)
Katie Crown
Tulip (voice only)
Kelsey Grammer
Hunter (voice only)
Keegan-Michael Key
(voice only)
Jennifer Aniston
Sarah Gardner (voice only)
Ty Burrell
Henry Gardner (voice only)
Danny Trejo
Jasper (voice only)
Ike Barinholtz
Amanda Lund (voice only)


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