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Plot  In a New York City nursing home, the elderly Auschwitz concentration camp survivor Max Rosenbaum has befriended the dementia patient Zev Guttman, whom he recognized from their days at the camp. Max has continually reminded Zev that their families were murdered at the camp by the ''Blockführer'' Otto Wallisch, who immigrated to North America under the false name Rudy Kurlander. Max convinces Zev to avenge their families by seeking out and killing Wallisch. Max directs Zev to a gun shop, where he buys a Glock, and then to four men in the U.S. and Canada named Rudy Kurlander, one of whom is the former ''Blockführer''.

Zev confronts the first Rudy Kurlander, a German veteran of World War II, in his home, but this Kurlander proves that he served in the North African Campaign under Erwin Rommel, and was never near Auschwitz. Zev finds the second Rudy Kurlander in a nursing home in Canada, but he turns out to have been a prisoner in Auschwitz, sent there as a homosexual.

Zev a...



Bruno Ganz
Rudy Kurlander #1
Jürgen Prochnow
Rudy Kurlander #4
Henry Czerny
Charles Guttman
Dean Norris
John Kurlander
Martin Landau
Max Rosenbaum


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