Diaz – Don't Clean Up This Blood (2012)

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127 min.
Plot  The film focuses on the storming of the Diaz school in Genoa by the police after the 2001 G8 summit. In that building were protesters against the international summit on the night between 21 and 22 July 2001.

It is based on the testimonies and reports from judicial processes.

The film develops through the intertwining stories of some of the protagonists. Luca is a reporter for the Journal of Bologna. He decides to go and verify what's happening in Genoa, after the death of Carlo Giuliani. Alma is a German anarchist who participated in the fighting. Alma, Marco (a member of the Social Forum) and Franci (a lawyer for the Genoa Legal Forum) provide for the search for the missing.

Anselmo is a senior activist in the Pensioners' Union. He participated in a peaceful march against the G8. Etienne and Cecile are two French anarchists: they have been directly involved in the clashes of those days. Finally Max, first assistant chief of police mobile squad of Rome: in t...



Elio Germano
Luca Gualtieri
Claudio Santamaria
Max Flamini
Jennifer Ulrich
Alma Koch
Fabrizio Rongione
Nick Janssen
Renato Scarpa
Anselmo Vitali


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Diaz – Don't Clean Up This Blood
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