Black Sea (2014)

7.12 / Rated by 4 people

115 min.
Plot  Robinson (Jude Law) a veteran Captain of under-sea salvage receives news that he is to be made redundant. He receives £8,000 for his services and is asked to clean his desk and leave the premises. Robinson is recently divorced and misses his wife and son.

Later while having a drink with some former colleagues Robinson meets up with his friend Kurstin and a Russian called Blackie (Konstantin Khabensky). Kurstin informs the duo of a sure fire way to make money. He tells them about a German U-boat from World War II that sank off the coast of the country of Georgia with a cargo of gold worth millions and how their former employer found the U-boat's location but was unable to salvage it. He also informs them both of a plan he has been working on to secretly recover the gold. After meeting with Kurstin, Robinson agrees to meet with an unknown backer called Lewis.

Lewis agrees to fund Robinson's expedition on the grounds he receives a 40% split of the proceeds and that his e...



Jude Law
Captain Robinson


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Black Sea
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