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Daisy (2006)

Deiji - Korean Title


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Plot  Hye-young (Jun Ji-hyun) is an artist who makes her living by sketching portraits of people for 30 euros per portrait. Park Yi (Jung Woo-sung) is a professional hit man who sees Hye-young painting in the high mountains and instantly falls in love with her.

One day, while Hye-young is trying to cross a small channel connected by a narrow log, she falls down and loses her art bag, which contains all her painting equipment. Park Yi, who had been watching her from a distance, immediately runs to her rescue; but by the time he gets there, Hye-young is gone. He finds the bag she lost and gets the log replaced with a bridge. The next time she comes to paint, Hye-young is taken by surprise at the sight of the new bridge. Though, initially, she thinks the bridge is a coincidence, she is moved when she finds her lost bag hung in the middle of the bridge. She completes her painting of the mountains and leaves it in place of her bag as a gesture of thanks for the person who had built the b...



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