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Winter Sleep (2014)


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Plot  ''Winter Sleep'' is the story of Mr. Ayd?n (played by Haluk Bilginer), a former actor who now runs a mountaintop hotel, and is dealing with his failing marriage. Ayd?n sees himself as the region's kind ruler, intervening in the business of the townspeople below the mountain. In reality, almost everyone, including his wife, dislikes Ayd?n. He has a pompous column in the local newspaper and is writing a book on Turkish theatre history. When the snow season approaches the guests depart, the tension between Ayd?n, his wife, his sister who lives with him, and the village people takes over by long dialogues. Conversations dominate the film as the inner workings of the characters are slowly revealed.

The film opens on a misty field, where a man is sitting alone on the rocks, smoke rising through the dried fired out grass. This man steadily crosses the field and up a hill towards a hotel built into a cave. Ayd?n is driving down to the village along the cliffs of Cappadocia when a s...



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Kis Uykusu
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Winter Sleep
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