Chained (2012)

9.0 / Rated by 2 people

94 min.
Plot  This story was based on a true story. Nine-year-old Tim and his mother Sarah are brought to the cinema by his father Brad (Jake Weber) who urges them to take a taxi instead of a bus when going home. After the show, Sarah wants to call a taxi but one is already arriving. They enter it but instead of bringing them home the driver, Bob (Vincent D'Onofrio), abducts them into his home. There he kills Sarah and makes Tim his slave for his housework, threatening him with violence if he does not obey, giving him the new name "Rabbit". Tim tries to escape later, Bob even encourages him to run away, but then Tim is afraid to do this when he notices that nobody can hear him far away from the city. Bob continues to be a serial killer abducting young girls, raping and killing them at his home.

Nine years later, Tim has become a teenager and is still caught in Bob's home doing the housework and burying his dead victims. Bob acts as a kind of stepfather, making him read books about the human...


Julia Ormond
Sarah Fittler
Jake Weber
Brad Fittler


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