The Counterfeiters (2007)

8.67 / Rated by 3 people

98 min.
Plot  The film begins shortly after the end of the Second World War, with a German man arriving in Monte Carlo. After checking into an expensive hotel and paying with cash, he takes in the high life of Monte Carlo, successfully gambling in a casino and attracting the attention of a beautiful French woman. Later, she discovers tattooed numerals on his arm, revealing him as a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps.

The film then shifts to Berlin in 1936, where the man, Salomon Sorowitsch, is revealed as a successful forger of currency and passports. Caught by the police, he is imprisoned, first in a labour camp, then in Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz. In an effort to secure himself protection and meagre comforts at the camp, he turns his forging skills to portraiture, attracting the attention of the guards, who commission him to paint them and their families in exchange for extra food rations.

Sorowitsch's talents bring him to wider attention, and he is transferred out...



Karl Markovics
Devid Striesow
Sturmbannfuhrer Herzog
Sebastian Urzendowsky
August Zirner
Dr Klinger
Martin Brambach
Hauptscharfuhrer Holst


All Titles

Die Fälscher
German Original Title
The Counterfeiters
English Title
Turkish Title

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