Maggie (2015)

6.67 / Rated by 3 people

95 min.
Plot  In the present-day Midwestern United States, society struggles to function in the aftermath of a zombie pandemic barely under control. Maggie Vogel (Abigail Breslin) calls her father from a broken city under curfew; her voicemail urges that he not seek her and that she loves him. Her arm was bitten. Knowing she has only weeks before the "necroambulist virus" turns her cannibalistic, she left home to protect her family. Maggie's father Wade (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has searched two weeks, despite her warning. Finding her in a hospital for the infected, he brings Maggie home to care for her until she must eventually be quarantined. During their return, a zombie attacks Wade at an abandoned gasoline station and he breaks its neck.

At home, Maggie’s younger half-siblings Bobby and Molly (Aidan and Carsen Flowers) are leaving to stay with their aunt. Maggie talks to Bobby, who mostly understands what she is undergoing. She withdraws from her family, struggling to cope with her hopeles...



Abigail Breslin
Maggie Vogel
Joely Richardson
Caroline Vogel


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