Sullivan's Travels (1941)

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90 min.
Plot  John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea) is a popular young Hollywood director of profitable, but shallow comedies (e.g. ''Ants in Your Plants of 1939''). Sullivan is dissatisfied despite his success and tells his studio boss, Mr. Lebrand (Robert Warwick) that he wants his next project to be a serious exploration of the plight of the downtrodden. He asks to make his next film an adaptation of ''Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?'', a socially-conscience novel. Lebrand wants him to direct another lucrative comedy instead, but the idealistic Sullivan refuses to give in. He wants to "know trouble" first-hand, and plans to travel as a tramp so he can return and make a film that ''truly'' depicts the sorrows of humanity. His butler (Robert Greig) and valet (Eric Blore) openly question the wisdom of his plan.

Sullivan dresses as a penniless hobo and takes to the road, followed by a fully staffed double-decker coach at Lebrand's request. Neither party is happy with the arrangement; and Sullivan even...



Joel McCrea
John L. Sullivan
Veronica Lake
The Girl


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