The Stone Killer (1973)

95 min.
Plot  The film involves a plot by a present day (1973) Mafia don (Martin Balsam) to avenge the killings of a group of Mafia dons back in 1931 ("The Night of Sicilian Vespers") with a bold nationwide counter-strike against most of the current Italian and Jewish syndicate heads using teams of Vietnam vets instead of Mafia hit men.

Bronson plays a gritty, independent detective who stumbles across the plot when a washed-up former hit man is killed under circumstances that make it clear that it was an inside job and that Mafia were involved. He then slowly but surely uncovers the clues that point to a seemingly impossible plot. Who waits 42 years for revenge?

Bronson's character is vintage Bronson; he is forced to resign from the NYPD after he shoots and kills an armed teenager. Later, after being hired by the LAPD he comes under scrutiny again after he runs over a suspect who has fired at him.




Charles Bronson
Lou Torrey
Martin Balsam
Al Vescari
David Sheiner
Guido Lorenz
Ralph Waite
Paul Koslo


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The Stone Killer
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