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He's in the Army Now (2003)


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Plot  When the devastating Kocaeli earthquake occurs, the Turkish government passes a special law allowing people to complete their military service in a month. Many make use of this law including Murat (a factory owner), Ömer (a factory worker), Gökhan Özo?uz (frontman of the ska-punk band Athena), Nihat (who lost his family in the earthquake), Can (who was rejected by the army for being overweight), Levent (a thespian), Australian Turk Hüseyin and his son Seyfi Paul, Laptop Recep. They join those who are already at the base: Captain Volkan Ate? (the commanding officer) and Karl?da? (who is on extended service due to indiscipline).




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O Simdi Asker
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He's in the Army Now
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  emre rated O Simdi Asker (2003) with 6.5 stars / 25.05.2015

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