Family Weekend (2013)

106 min.
Plot  Emily (Olesya Rulin) is a speed rope-jumping champion of her school and general overachiever. She is praised by one love-lorn boy at school (though she is mocked by other students) for her achievements, but her family does not care about her jump roping success. On Friday, Emily wins the regional championship in speed rope-jumping and moves on to the state championship to be held the coming weekend. She looks at the audience only to find nobody from her family cheering for her. She confronts her family at home during a family dinner, but her mother, father, brother and sister all continue to be wrapped up in themselves and ignore her plea to take her jump-roping seriously.

Inspired by an Animal Planet segment her semi-autistic younger brother is watching on treating "Tasmanian devils" for a kind of cancer by sedating the creatures so treatment can be administered, in a desperate attempt to bring the family back together, Emily secretly drugs her parents with her mother's seda...



Olesya Rulin
Emily Smith
Kristin Chenoweth
Samantha Smith
Matthew Modine
Duncan Dungy
Joey King
Lucinda Smith
Shirley Jones
Grandma Gail Dungy "GG"


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Family Weekend
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