The Last Days on Mars (2013)

7.75 / Rated by 4 people

98 min.
Plot  In the 2040s, a Martian research base, Tantalus Base outpost, is created. The eight person crew, who have been stationed there for six months, are only nineteen hours from the completion of their research mission. The spacecraft ''Aurora'' is inbound from Earth and will collect the team by lander from a prearranged site. Mars scientist Marko Petrovi? has found samples that may point to life on the planet. Without revealing his discovery, he devises a ruse for one last sojourn on the surface. Crewmate Richard Harrington drives Petrovi? in a solar powered rover to the spot where he had found the sample. After he obtains soil with the biological agent present, a fissure swallows Petrovi?.

Captain Charles Brunel and crewmate Lauren Dalby plan to explore the pit to retrieve Marko's body. Dalby remains at the pit but disappears before the team can return with equipment. Brunel authorizes Vincent Campbell to explore the pit, and he finds a fungus-like life that grows in the fissure. ...



Liev Schreiber
Vincent Campbell
Elias Koteas
Charles Brunel
Romola Garai
Rebecca Lane
Goran Kostic
Marko Petrovic
Johnny Harris
Robert Irwin
Tom Cullen
Richard Harrington
Olivia Williams
Kim Aldrich


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The Last Days on Mars
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