The Road to Wellville (1994)

118 min.
Plot  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg opened a sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he practiced his unusual methods for maintaining health, including colonic irrigation, electrical stimulus and sexual abstinence, vegetarianism and physical exercise. The sanitarium attracts well-to-do patients including William and Eleanor Lightbody, who are suffering from poor health following the death of their child. On their way to Battle Creek they meet Charles Ossining, hoping to make a fortune by exploiting the fad for health food cereals.

Ossining finds a partner in Goodloe Bender. Having enlisted the services of George Kellogg, the doctor's estranged adopted son, they attempt to produce "Kellogg's Perfo Flakes."

In the sanitarium, Will Lightbody is separated from his wife, and is soon harboring lustful thoughts toward Nurse Graves and patient Ida Muntz. His wife Eleanor, meanwhile, befriends Virginia Cranehill, who has a modern attitude toward sexual pleasure, influenced by the wor...



Anthony Hopkins
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
Matthew Broderick
William Lightbody
Bridget Fonda
Eleanor Lightbody
John Cusack
Charles Ossining
Dana Carvey
George Kellogg
Michael Lerner
Goodloe Bender
Colm Meaney
Dr. Lionel Badger
John Neville
Endymion Hart
Traci Lind
Nurse Graves
Camryn Manheim
Virginia Cranehill
Norbert Weisser
Dr. Spitzvogel


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The Road to Wellville
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